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Who we are

Team Techbee believes in the adage of 'great team creates magnificent output'. We are a team of creative designers, web development and mobile app developers. There is a subtle bond created out of a passion for delivering results that create an impact for clients. Our team camaraderie helps your business fight all odds to help us provide what you deserve.

Our Goal
Our Mission

We strive to provide class-apart technology services through digital innovation that help you realize business goals and project aspirations. With clients from around the world like Chatgram to even Microsoft and Art of Works, we have come a long way from crafting brilliant scripts to run your program to provide comprehensive tech solutions.

Our Vision
Our Vision

We are driven with the vision to be the businesses’ first preference when it comes to finding a cost-effective and modern technology company. It pushes us to provide world-class mobile and web solutions catering to multiple business needs as per their plan.

\ How Techbee Approaches Each Project \

We have enabled small businesses some power to compete with big organizations. Providing top-notch dedicated resources for getting things done is a smart approach.


Step 1: Business Analysis

Firstly, we will listen to the customer's requirements and problems about the project. Then, we will write a brief proposal for the client's project with an appropriate estimated cost. From there, we will turn them into specific software products that exactly meet the needs of our customers.

Step 2: Software development process and management

In every project, we design UX and UI, build a future-proof architecture as well as run coding, integration and deployment processes. We take care of the overall project management and regularly report to you on the development progress.

Step 3: QA & Testing

We keep up software quality with continuous testing, starting from unit tests and code reviews done by our developers to functionality, performance, usability, integration, compatibility and security testing by our QA team.

Step 4: Risk management

We define and estimate risks related to the project budget, delivery time, cybersecurity, new technologies and personnel.

Step 5: Change management

We review the required software changes with all parties concerned, analyzing how the changes will impact software business logic and adapting it accordingly before any change implementation.

Step 6: Project delivery

After going through many stages and appraisals from both sides, the client's web/software has been successfully completed and is ready for users. We will hand over the product to the customer according to the agreement, the customer should consider choosing the right time to bring the product to the market to achieve the highest profit.

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