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Cloud Migration and Development

Our deployment methodology for deploying Cloud Applications (or software-as-a-service), Cloud Integration, Cloud Server and Cloud Storage have evolved over the many years we've supported large customers in their transition to cloud based applications.

What is the Cloud Migration ? - Definition

Cloud migration is the process of partially or completely deploying an organization's digital assets, services, IT resources or applications to the cloud. The migrated assets are accessible behind the cloud's firewall.

Understanding the Cloud Migration

Cloud computing is attractive to many organizations due to its scalability, ease of management and low costs. Cloud migration facilitates the adoption of flexible cloud computing.

Benefits of migrating to the cloud include:

  • Increased agility and flexibility
  • Ability to innovate faster
  • Easing of increasing resource demands
  • Better managing of increased customer expectations
  • Reduction in costs
  • Deliver immediate business results
  • Simplify IT
  • Shift to everything as-a-service
  • Better consumption management
  • Cloud scalability
  • Improved performance

What are the types of cloud migration ?

  • Re-host (lift & shift)
  • Re-platform
  • Re-factor

The Benefits of Cloud Computing

Cloud operating model: More efficient cloud operating models are powered by analytics, automation, and AI, with a saving of approximately 30%-50% in ongoing run operations.

Easy to consume: Cloud improves agility with standardized “appliance-like” service that can be provisioned in minutes in an aaS Opex model, saving approximately 50% in start-up time.

Workload placement and optimization: Workload placement is based on transparent business parameters, saving approximately 10%-30% on cloud spend.

Secure and compliant: Security and compliance are built in at the core to protect your most business-critical workloads and most sensitive data.

Cloud is essential to your business strategy. Avoid common hazards for successful cloud migration with Techbee Solution now!

Cloud Storage

Cloud data storage is a fairly familiar term today. This is the form chosen by many businesses when implementing the digital transformation process.

What is cloud storage ?

Cloud storage is a term that refers to the activities of storing, managing, arranging, sharing and using documents, data, images, videos, files, ... of the enterprise on the word database system. distant. This system is offered by many different companies.

Through an internet connection, your business can easily use this hosting service with many different free or paid forms.

The application of the cloud platform helps businesses manage documents and records easily, the storage space is also best optimized and there are many other cloud computing benefits.

That's why today, most businesses, both in Vietnam and around the world, are gradually switching to using this cloud storage platform.

Types of cloud storage services today

There are many cloud storage service providers on the market today. In which, there are 4 main types of hosting services such as:

  • Private Cloud - Private Cloud Storage
  • Private Cloud aka internal cloud storage. Usually used internally by the enterprise and cannot be accessed by outsiders. This service is characterized by an extremely high security firewall system. Therefore, the company's data is safe and protected from hackers' attacks or attacks.

  • Publish Cloud - Community cloud storage
  • Publish Cloud aka community cloud storage service. This is an unlimited hosting platform for individuals or businesses.

  • Personal Cloud - Personal Cloud Storage
  • This is a service designed specifically for individuals who want to store their data. This service is built quite simply with the storage purposes of users such as saving contacts, photos, photos, videos, personal documents, ...

  • Hybrid Cloud - Hybrid Cloud Storage
  • Hybrid Cloud is a service that combines public and private storage. Because of the flexible nature of storage, this is the platform chosen by many organizations and businesses.

What is the characteristic feature of cloud storage?

It is no coincidence that the form of cloud data storage is widely used and popular. Here are the standout features to help you understand why:

  • Data recovery
  • The data recovery feature was born to help solve many previous storage dilemmas. Thanks to the recovery feature, data can be protected from the risk of being lost. Once the data or documents are put on the cloud, it means that the data will never be lost in the event of a device failure, failure, etc.

  • Automatic data backup
  • The automatic data backup feature keeps a copy of your business data at all times. If the original data is lost, the copies will help the user to restore the data intact. One highlight, when the backup process is interrupted due to a power failure, the process will still be performed when the machine is restarted.

  • Share data easily in the cloud
  • Storing data in the cloud makes sharing resources easy wherever you are. With just an electronic device with an internet connection, users can easily use and share data with each other quickly with the simplest operations.

The Most Popular Cloud Service Today

When the Internet is growing, it is also the time when hundreds of cloud application software are born, but when it comes to reputation and file security, not all services can meet it. For small and medium businesses, the following 5 providers may be the optimal choice for you:

  • Google Drive
  • With the need to store, share or contain documents with a large capacity and an increasing number, Google Drive will be the first choice to help reduce your worries about data storage problems.

  • Dropbox
  • Dropbox will be a good choice if you are looking for yourself a primary cloud storage service with features that surpass what Onedrive, Mega,… are providing. Since its launch until now, Dropbox has always been one of the services that are interested and used more and more in the market.

  • Box
  • Box is one of the recommended services for small and medium businesses. With Box, you can access it from any device, it's easy to use, and comes with 10GB of free storage. In particular, Box focuses on focusing on security and privacy, which is especially important for businesses.

  • Mega
  • If you are looking for a free service, perhaps Mega is the most suitable choice for you. As of August 12, 2017, Mega has over 84 million users and uses in over 240 countries, and over 33.5 billion files have been uploaded.

  • Onedrive
  • Since its inception, Onedrive has been one of the leading competitors to Google Drive and Dropbox. As a product of Microsoft, OneDrive is not only suitable for Windows operating system users, but it is also very friendly with Apple and Android ecosystems.

Cloud application is an indispensable solution for every business

You can also learn and refer to other providers such as: IBM Cloud, Oracle, Salesforce, SAP, Rackspace Cloud, VMWare, Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud, Alibaba Cloud.

It can be said that cloud services have been and are increasingly perfected with not only solutions in technology but also in service and deployment models. With the diversity of fields in the race for the Industrial Revolution 4.0 such as Artificial Intelligence, wireless electromagnetic sensor networks, Internet of things, etc., the role of this service will be even more important and necessary.

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